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Early Treatment Appliances

We Are Experts In Early
Treatment Appliances

We recommend seeing children around age 7. Many times an early evaluation can prevent serious problems from developing. In some cases simply monitoring dental development is sufficient, other times an early treatment appliance may be needed.

Holding Arches

A holding arch or “space maintainer” is a fixed appliance that holds the permanent molars in place to prevent further crowding as the remaining adult teeth grow in.

Palatal Explander

This appliance is used to widen a narrow upper jaw. By turning a “key” daily as shown in the video, overtime the expansion is achieved. Adjusting the palatal expander:

Head Gear

Head Gear is an appliance that extends past the mouth to help align your smile. This appliance is used to correct bite and support proper jaw alignment and growth.

X Bow

This is designed to help correct CL II occlusion or overjet (when the upper teeth protrude too far in front of the lower teeth). It works by repositioning the lower jaw forward so that the molars and jaws can fit together properly.

Quad Helix

The Quad Helix is a palatal expander with anchors cemented to the molar teeth and have four active springs that work to widen the arch of the patient’s mouth. The purpose being decreasing the crowding of teeth and to allow for a normal bite.