• Why choose Speed Braces?

    SPEED Braces contain a ‘Super-Elastic’ Spring Clip. The result is greater comfort, and potentially fewer appointments and more ‘SPEEDy’ treatment. SPEED Braces are small; typically 1/3 smaller than traditional braces, and they look great! SPEED’s small footprint results in less food trapping, so good oral hygiene is easier to maintain throughout your treatment.

  • Are they comfortable?

    SPEED Braces enhance patient comfort in two important ways:

    1. SPEED Braces are miniaturized appliances that are typically 1/3 smaller than standard braces. SPEED’s reduced size minimizes discomfort.

    2. SPEED Braces eliminate the need for the elastic ties that traditional braces require to straighten teeth. This decreases the pressure that is applied to the tooth, and decreases friction, allowing the teeth to move more freely. The result… More efficient and comfortable tooth movement!

  • How will I clean around them?

    SPEED Braces, with their streamlined design and small size, eliminate much of the “bulk” found on other types of braces. As a result, food trapping is greatly reduced.

    The miniaturized and rounded surfaces of SPEED Braces are easy to brush and clean, making it simple to maintain good oral hygiene.

  • Are they as efficient as other braces?

    Only SPEED Braces use a ‘Super-Elastic’ energy storing component called a ‘Spring Clip’ to straighten teeth. The SPEED Spring Clip works like a computer chip inside your braces. The Spring Clip is ‘programmed’ by your orthodontist when SPEED Braces are placed on your teeth. The Spring Clip, made of a space age material, then follows the programmed instructions by applying a light continuous force to gently move teeth to their correct position. SPEED Braces have revolutionized Orthodontics with an advanced design, using space-age materials and manufacturing to deliver beautiful smiles and lasting results to Orthodontic patients worldwide.

    Here you can see how SPEED’s ‘Super-Elastic’ Spring Clip works to gently move your teeth to their ideal location. SPEED’s revolutionary design has a number of benefits for patients!

    Unique Benefits made possible by the SPEED Spring Clip:
    • Easier to keep clean for better oral hygiene!
    • 1/3 smaller than other braces!
    • Fast Treatment Time!
    • Reduced pressure on the teeth!
    • Minimal office visits!

  • How long have speed braces been around for?

    SPEED System Orthodontics has been the leader in high tech braces for over 30 years. All SPEED products are manufactured by Hespeler Orthodontics Limited, a leading North American Aerospace company involved in the development of the highest precision components for “next generation” commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing Dreamliner and the Airbus A380, in addition to military aircraft such as the Apache Helicopter and the Joint Strike Fighter. The techniques developed for these industries make Strite superbly qualified to take on the exacting, precise work required to develop and produce SPEED Braces.

  • How big are the brackets with speed braces?

    SPEED Braces are tiny!
    Typically 1/3 smaller than traditional braces. Patients of all ages appreciate SPEED’s small footprint and clean appearance.

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All staff are so friendly and welcoming, were very patient with all my questions and calmed my fears of my upcoming surgery — so supportive! Their great sense of humour and caring attitudes made my visit so much easier — thanks so much

Christel Greenough

Dr. Stanley and the staff are so kind and amazing at what they do. I brought my 8 year old daughter there for a palatal expander and she was nervous heading into the appointment. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and they actually spoke to my daughter and showed a real interest in her. Dr. Stanley and the staff were extremely patient and explained everything so I left with a true understanding of the process and what to expect. I am very happy and will be recommending them to family and friends.

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Amazing treatment and fantastic customer service skills. Staff are always friendly and a joy to talk to. Not a negative thing to say about this company! Their service really speaks for its self! #lovemysmile

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